020 Brews

Web Design
Project Overview
This project began as a personal exploration into learning different Javascript libraries built for creative applications to web development. Using ZDog, a pseudo-3D engine for creating interactive illustrations, I created this landing page concept for a beginning brewery.
Design Process
I began this project by exploring the capabilities of the ZDog library. By experimenting with the different 3D shapes included in the library, as well as ways of combining them to make larger illustrations, I loved how I could create illustrations that looked neat on their own, but could also be combined with interactivity to add another layer of interaction to the landing page.
020 Brews Desktop mockup
While working out the concept for the 020 Brews landing page, I began by creating a basic branding concept. The aim was to create something informative yet playful, so that the landing page would entice visitors to scroll through the information and enjoy the experience.

Using ZDog, I created a hero illustration featuring the two founders of the brewery sitting on a waterfront terrace enjoying a drink together. Because the ZDog library lends itself to creating more geometric images, I chose to create a stylized illustration that would utilize the capabilities of the library most effectively. To create the static background imagery, I drew complimentary images in Adobe Illustrator. As the hero image utilizes simple lines and negative space to create the illusion of water, I chose the Monoton and Montserrat typefaces as they repeated this balance of creating shapes through suggestive lines and negative space.
Visit the landing page here!
020 Brews
Graphic & Web Design
January 2020
020 Brews brand guidelines
020 Brews contact us page mockup

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